Anna loves to speak and inspire. She leads a variety of tailor-made workshops and talks at educational institutions, conferences, events, and multinational corporations. These can range from educational or how-to guided sessions, to inspirational talks and to full-fledged corporate training workshops or company retreats.

Anna speaks about a variety of business-related issues and seeks to share her experiences and inspire CREATIVITY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and INNOVATION. She spoke to over 600 listeners about Creative Thinking and Resume Writing at the Career & Education Conference in Singapore, shared Lean Startup and Innovation insights at the EdTechXAsia in Singapore and Vietnam and lead numerous inspirational talks and sessions around Entrepreneurship and Embracing Change at the American Club, SAE, LASALLE, Manulife, and Amazon.

Anna also speaks to hundreds of employees annually about Change Management and Design Thinking. Notable clients include: Manulife, HP, KPMG, SMU, and many other multinational corporations. Interested in Prototyping and Lean Startup sessions? Anna would love to speak to your organization’s teams and employees, too!

Watch an intro to Anna’s speaking passion in this short video here.