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Get Empowered. Achieve Real Results. 

Whether starting, scaling or accelerating your Start-up, career or personal health - I’ve been there & will show you how to thrive whilst achieving hyper-growth


Get Empowered. Achieve Real Results.

 Whether starting, scaling or accelerating your Start-up, career or personal health - I’ve been there & will show you how to thrive whilst achieving hyper-growth


Work with me 1-on-1 to:

  • Get advice from a multiple entrepreneur, investor and startup mentor with 23 years of experience.

  • Find clarity for your business or career & map out a path to success.

  • Troubleshoot team, investor & co-founder issues.
  • Review & up-level your pitch deck to ace your upcoming investment round.

  • Learn how to beat burnout and bounce back stronger.

  • Boost your leadership confidence & rekindle your passion.

Book a Clinic or a Sprint?

My 1:1 offerings are designed to provide you with the expertise and support needed at just the right time. Both type of sessions offer a completely personalised experience, focused on your unique situation and needs. 

Clinics are based around a rapid review of existing documentation (like a pitch deck) or a current issue (like co-founder disagreements) that can be improved on or resolved in a shorter session. 

Sprints involve both you and I 'rolling up your sleeves' and getting down to business through a collaborative ideation process. Together, you can brainstorm new product ideas, set up a career development pathway, design a recovery journey out of burnout or go deeper into mindset upgrades. You'll also receive a follow up report with notes, resources and action steps specific to your situation.

Secure Your Call

Clinic Session


Need Instant Advice?

This quickfire, laser-focused intensive with me will give you instant clarity & expert eyes on your most critical issues or documentation.

  • A super direct and constructive 60min review call with me

  • Immediate feedback for rapid, sustainable growth

  • Actionable recommendations, including metrics to measure and winning strategies



Ideation Sprint


Want to Dive Deeper?

This incisive working session will skyrocket your creativity via a powerful combination of ideation, strategy & planning.

  • A no-holds-barred 120min online co-creation session with me
  • Private access to digital resources relevant to your topic
  • My proven methods + example templates to accelerate your progress
  • A personalised Recommendations Report delivered to you following the session

 What Customers Say:

"I highly recommend Anna. She helped me discover my strengths, gave me the confidence to reach for more in my professional career and gave me tips on how to deal with difficult situations and people. She is a good listener and has a lot of empathy while at the same time being very analytical."

Kirsten Moench

Head Of Communications

"Anna is creative, reliable, focused, and highly experienced.
She is at the global forefront of identifying and developing innovative and entrepreneurial talent, in both leaders and their teams. "

Michelle Duval

Founder, Fingerprint for Success

"Anna has the unique ability to have both the strategic overview but also attention to detail to ensure all areas of a business are covered. What's more, she is a lovely person who cares about her team and her workplace. I cannot recommend Anna more highly.”


Christina Andersson

Managing Director, Hyper Island

"Founders typically have a host of people ready to offer advice. But Anna stands out from the crowd with her burning passion to see start-ups succeed. She offers tools which are both thoughtful and relevant."



Paul Voutier

Founder, Ambit Robotics

"Anna provided customised advice and ideas to each aspiring entrepreneur to help them fulfill their business goals. These interactions were collaborative, encouraging, and inspiring.”



Sunni Lal

Investment Banking Associate, Bank of America

"Our startups have gained valuable insights from Anna's highly tailored deliveries on topics such as business model canvas, investment readiness, team dynamics, etc. Apart from her power packed sessions, she is also very humble, empathizing and flexible individual to work with. "    


Divakar Subramaniam

Head of Platforms, Padang & Co

"Anna offers innovation and entrepreneurship at another level.  Her delivery is clear and compelling, to the point that - months down the line - everyone remembers her sessions and the learnings. Her Clinic really helped our founders refine their narrative and bring clarity and sharpness to their delivery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone who is keen to bring their experience to the next level."

Elisa Minischetti

Vice President, Digital Transformation Division

"Anna’s extensive knowledge saved us. Drawing on her experience she was able, rapidly, to conclude that – in fact – our idea was unlikely to succeed. The evidence she gathered and efficiency with which she worked gave my board confidence to pass on what had seemed like a great opportunity. This saved us months of fruitless expenditure and allowed us to focus on other aspects of our business.

Hugh Mason

Chief Executive Officer, JFDI

"Anna shared an immense breadth of understanding on the venture creation process. Anna helped to add much needed context to our considerations around customer focused design providing insights we need to ensure successful outcomes. Anna also recommended frameworks and processes to consider. Since then, Anna has gone over and beyond supporting my venture journey and connecting me to her network. "

Jones Oviawe-Jones


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1:1 Ideation Sprint


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