Anna C. Mallon is a transformational speaker, trainer, and coach. Her winning passion, energy, and drive have led global businesses to sustainable growth through innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

In past decades, business, economies – and the way we live our lives – have all changed at exponential rates. Breakthroughs have disrupted our environments and revolutionised how we shop, communicate, meet people, track our health and develop careers.

We constantly see news of today’s entrepreneurs and corporations either keeping up or backing down to these challenges. It’s more than just figuring out the next steps – it’s about innovating with a holistic follow through, ensuring no one in the company is left behind.

With more than 18 years of experience and changing the landscape of global education and corporate training businesses across Europe and Southeast Asia, Anna has ushered in a positive impact on both individuals and companies. The energy, excitement, and learning that happens in every program and workshop she facilitates continue to inspire Anna’s dedication. Today, she brings together varied approaches of intensive and collaborative programs centered around entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and embracing uncertainty for personal and professional development and application.

Her innovative training resources and mentorship programs, focus and uphold every entrepreneur’s and business’s core and purpose.

“I was very impressed by the professionalism of Anna's programme. She provided an excellent service from point of programme proposal, contextualisation to my company's needs, delivery and post-workshop report. It entailed an indepth analysis and insights of employees' inputs, feedback and solutions. I highly recommend the innovation-driven programmes offered by Anna and won't hesitate to consider working with her if future opportunities arise.”

Fangru Shen