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Hosted by Anna C Mallon

This Show is a collection of exclusive discussions with global expert doctors, health, medical, and fitness professionals as well as executive innovation, startup, and productivity leaders with deep knowledge, personal experience, and data-backed productivity and burnout prevention solutions.

As a tech startup advisor, and builder for over 20 years, Anna investigates the data-driven correlation between personal health and the success of a business venture in this program. 


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Show Background

This show was inspired by Anna's own journey as a VC, multiple entrepreneur and startup accelerator lead. As a high achieving individual, leadership and startup mentor, she has personal experience with hypergrowth as well as burnout.

Lack of non-fluffy information about how to recover quickly and achieve maximum productivity and performance, led her to launch this Show in which to gather the expert-led data analysis in order to inform and empower individuals and tech & innovation leaders. 

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