With over two decades of experience in building corporate innovation programs and forging partnerships with Fortune 100 companies, Anna C Mallon has made a name for herself in the venture capital industry.

Her impressive track record includes designing and delivering dozens of corporate and VC-backed startup innovation programs for global corporations such as DAIMLER, FACEBOOK, BOSCH, SHELL, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, MUFG Bank, MURU-D (Telstra), Syngenta, HP, MunichRE, SCOR, CSIRO, and CREDIT SUISSE.

As a Techstars mentor and world-class university lecturer on innovation and entrepreneurship, Anna is also a global speaker and has been featured in numerous media outlets. Her work with 15 global accelerators has enabled her to work with founders across emerging technologies such as Edtech, Healthtech, Energy, Agritech, and Proptech.

Anna's experience as the Director and investor of Southeast Asia's first startup accelerator, JFDI.ASIA, enabled her to facilitate corporate venture building with startups and contribute towards a portfolio of over 70 early stage tech startups worth USD 60 million.

Before setting up her third company, Startup2Life, Anna founded The Creative Experience, a corporate training and innovation company. In less than 2 years, she was closing high-figure deals with multinational clients such as Singapore Airlines, KPMG, MANULIFE, JLL, DBSchenker, and world-class University SMU.

Anna's experience and expertise have made her a sought-after advisor for startups, VCs, accelerators, and incubators. Her passion for the intersection of hyper-growth and personal health is evident in her Vodcast and thriving LinkedIn community.

When she's not busy helping businesses grow, Anna enjoys spending time with her two wonderful children (an athlete and a photographer) and her husband of 20 years. Travel, surfing, and giving back to communities fuel her.

Anna's commitment to excellence and her passion for innovation make her the go-to expert for founders, business owners, and managers in fast-growing technology and innovation companies.


 “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we only have one.” - Confucius


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