What Customers Have To Say

Nathan Curtis

Associate Director, Campaign Planning and Development 


"Anna contagiously drives to go beyond merely making the world a "better" place. She seeks to make it a place you'd actually want to be in, a place you can truly thrive in. That clear sense of joy, purpose - backed by the necessary skills and global experience - was brought each time we met and collaborated. Incredibly intelligent, intuitive, and creative, Anna is a true asset."

Laura Cooke

Founder and Managing Director of Explore Communications  


"Anna led our Female Foundry bootcamp and her involvement as our trainer brought the professionalism of our accelerator programme up a level. Her great depth of knowledge in the start-up world coupled with her inspiring and encouraging attitude pushed our Female Foundry accelerator programme from good to great. The feedback from the women who attended was testament to this."


Natalie Cossar

Author, Entrepreneur and Director of Cultivate Australia 


"Anna's unique enthusiasm maintained my attention and interest throughout. It's easy to see how she has earned the right to be advising us on this subject, because she has relevant outstanding examples of her own success in 'start ups' and the professional world. Motivation was one part of the program, the practical examples and extensive resource guide is the other - it's amazing!!! Now I have the necessary tools to refer to in order to continue improving my business."


Elisa Minischetti

Vice President - Digital Transformation at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group


"Anna was the coach to the 7 startups that were accelerated through the Digital ASEAN Accelerator Programme. Her delivery is clear and compelling, to the point that months down the line everyone remembers her sessions and the learnings. Her "pitch clinic" for startups really helped the founders refine their narrative, bringing structure, clarity and sharpness to their delivery, and equipped them with the right tools to bring sound business sense to their ideas."


Kim Huat Low

Business Excellence Director at Yara International  


"Anna has the knack of making innovative concepts easy to understand and understanding users’ needs. During the ASEAN Digital Program, she conducted a full day class for 7 aspiring innovators from different backgrounds and countries. Several of them had little or no prior experience in managing businesses. Anna’s methodology, empathy and patience helped them to organise their thoughts systematically and gave them confidence to strengthen their business models."


Chester Drum M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Research, Cardiologist at the National University Hospital 


"Any commercialisation reviews are too diffuse and can even become a bit condescending when presented to domain experts. In focussing on specific Lean + Design Thinking methodologies, Anna brought both personal expertise and practical examples of how to get started and scale. For someone who has become a bit jaded as to pre-defined structures for commercialisation of novel technologies, Anna's presentation was refreshing and enjoyable to attend."


Maurice Bakker

VC Investor, Advisory Board Member at Virtual-Q and Ambassador of 4Ocean  


"Anna is a true ecosystem builder in my book. A rare ‘species’, one of a few, that has shown time and again to truly and fully understand where venture capital, startups and scaleups, and corporates can benefit from co-creation and collaboration from the get-go. Happy to have met, honoured to have collaborated, inspired to keep building together."


Wei Qing

CEO and Cofounder at Vybes


Wei Qing

Startup Founder, Vybes


Hugh Mason

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and CEO of JFDI.Asia


"Drawing on her extensive knowledge of every aspect of the business she was able, rapidly, to research all relevant aspects of the market and to conclude that - in fact - it was unlikely to succeed. The evidence that Anna gathered and the efficiency with which she worked gave my board confidence to pass on what had seemed like a great opportunity and I am convinced that this saved us months of fruitless expenditure and allowed us to focus our energy on other aspects of our business." "


Michelle Duval

Founder and CEO of Fingerprint for Success (F4S) and Equilibrio 


"Anna is a passionate professional, talented coach and innovation leader who is a genuine pleasure to work with. Creative, reliable, focused, and highly experienced, Anna is at the global forefront of identifying and developing innovative and entrepreneurial talent, in both leaders and their teams."


Jaïr Halevi

Business Development Lead at Miro, Head of Culture and Mentor at Pygma


"Anna is a great mentor that definitely helped me to get new perspectives on my work. She has a contagious energy, and after talking to Anna, you want to start taking on new projects. If you need a startup expert, Anna is your person!"


Paul Voutier

Founder of Ambit Robotics 


"Founders typically have a host of people ready to offer advice. But Anna stands out from the crowd with her burning passion to see start-ups succeed. She offers tools which are both thoughtful and relevant."


Mench Dizon

Venture Builder at 917Ventures, Consultant at Endeavor Philippines and Founder of Area63 Fitness



Founder and Director of TripClub


Jones Oviawe-Jones

Angel Investor of The User Syndicate, and Vice President of Ventures


"Anna shared an immense breadth of understanding on the venture creation process. Anna helped to add much needed context to our considerations around customer focused design providing insights we need to ensure successful outcomes. Anna also recommended frameworks and processes to consider. Since then, Anna has gone over and beyond supporting my venture journey and connecting me to her network. "


Denise Lazaroo

Digital Marketer and Head of Digital Strategy at Bambrick



Solopreneur & Digital Nomad


Divakar Subramaniam

Head of Platforms, Padang & Co 


"Our startups have gained valuable insights from Anna's highly tailored deliveries on topics such as business model canvas, investment readiness, team dynamics, etc. Apart from her power packed sessions, she is also very humble, empathizing and flexible individual to work with. "


Jenn Wood

Senior Director, Strategic Communications at BCD Travel


"When Anna puts her mind to something, you know it’s going to get done on time, on budget and be amazing. She’s driven. She brings creative energy to everything she does, which combined with her keen business insight, enables her to find the best solution to any problem."


Anthony Frantzis

Senior Marketing Executive With Broad Industry Experience


"Anna C Mallon is a thoroughly commited and talented professional. Her skills encompass all the required business acumen and most importantly the right interpersonal skills needed to maintain harmony and efficiency in a professional environment."


Christina Andersson

Managing Director, Novare Leadership Academy 


"With her knowledge of the industry, educational systems and business acumen we couldn't have found a better person to help us with our new campus. Anna has the unique ability to both have the strategic overview but also attention to the details to ensure all areas of a business are covered."


Jacopo Losso

Angel Investor, and Director General of European Business Angels Network 


"Anna enriches any startup ecosystem with her excellent work. Be it educating entrepreneurs and investors, connecting organisations and people, or helping businesses to scale up, she always does it with a lot of passion!"


Elizabeth Kleinveld

VC and Founding Partner of Great Stuff Ventures


"Her in-depth knowledge of this industry and how to help startups scale is truly amazing.She's a force to be reckoned with and I'm glad that Anna has been working with us and the teams so closely"


Eileen Tan

Start-up CEO, Growth Strategist and Vice President, SATS Ltd.


"At the end of the workshop, the team felt motivated and armed with new tools to help their day to day work with clearer focus. I am very happy with the outcome."


Neena Khattar

Innovation Catalyst and Brand Strategist, In2it Consulting 


"Anna is a brave entrepreneur who knows how to walk the talk."


Sunni Lal

Investment Banking Associate, Bank of America 


"Anna provided customised advice and ideas to each aspiring entrepreneur to help them fulfill their business goals. These interactions were collaborative, encouraging, and inspiring."