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GC#002: Mastering Growth Mindset, Future-Readiness & AI

Mar 04, 2023

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  1. The Benefits of a Growth Mindset
  2. Leveraging Customer Feedback
  3. The Benefits of Energy Mapping
  4. Managing Stress with Chiropractic
  5. The Impact of AI on the Workforce
  6. The Power of a Side Hustle (next edition)


I hope this newsletter finds you well and thriving!

Today, I’d like to talk about the importance of developing a growth mindset and how it can impact your personal and professional growth.


 Section 1 - Introduction: The Benefits of a Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset leads to improved performance and resilience. People with a growth mindset are more likely to take on new challenges, seek feedback, and achieve greater success in their careers, according to studies from Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today.

By viewing business challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and taking steps like assessing workloads, prioritising tasks, and seeking new tools, you can improve your business management skills and lead a stronger, more successful business. To cultivate a growth mindset, reflect on your own mindset and check out Carol Dweck's book, "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success."


Consider these next steps:

  1. Identify a current challenge you are facing.
  2. Write down your current negative thoughts about the challenge.
  3. Reframe the challenge in a positive light as an opportunity for growth and learning.
  4. Practice this mindset shift whenever facing challenges.


Section 2 - Business Building & Scaling: Leveraging Customer Feedback

We are always struggling to grow your business and differentiate ourselves from the competition. One effective way to do this is by leveraging customer feedback.

Companies that prioritise customer feedback are 60% more likely to improve customer satisfaction and 55% more likely to increase loyalty, according to a survey by Accenture. By regularly gathering and utilising customer feedback, you can make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


 Consider these next steps:

  1. Choose a feedback gathering method: This could be online surveys, focus groups, or interviews.
  2. Regularly review and analyse feedback: Look for patterns and themes in the feedback to help you identify areas of improvement.
  3. Use feedback to inform business decisions: Consider making changes to your products or services based on feedback to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash 


Section 3 - Maximising Productivity & Performance: The Benefits of Energy Mapping

Energy mapping can help you manage your energy levels throughout the day to maximise productivity and reduce work-related stress. By identifying your peak and low energy times, you can plan your tasks accordingly. A study by the Energy Project found that employees who used energy mapping reported a 20% increase in productivity and a 45% decrease in work-related stress.


Consider these next steps:

  1. Start tracking your energy levels throughout the day.
  2. Use a tool like our Energy Mapping Tool (below) to identify your energy patterns.
  3. Create a plan for managing your energy throughout the day based on your energy patterns.

Here is my Energy Mapping Tool, "Create A Rhythm that Works for You", as a free gift. It is my hope that this tool will be of benefit to you. 



Section 4 - Managing Health and Hypergrowth


Do you struggle with physical limitations that impact your productivity?

Chiropractic care can help you overcome these obstacles and restore your body to a state of optimal functioning. Hear from Dr. Chris Boothe on my latest Healthy Hypergrowth Show episode about how chiropractic adjustments can improve your overall well-being...



Section 5 - Future Readiness: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Workforce

AI is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and it is affecting various industries in different ways. Here are some examples of how AI is transforming the workforce:

  1. Automation of routine tasks: the finance industry, AI is being used to automate tasks such as data entry, account reconciliation, and fraud detection. As AI continues to advance, it could potentially automate even more complex tasks, such as financial analysis and decision-making.
  2. Reshaping business models: Eg. AI-powered marketplaces are emerging that connect buyers and sellers in real-time, and companies are using AI to create new products and services that were not previously possible.
  3. Redefining job roles: Eg. In the healthcare industry, AI is being used to diagnose diseases, and in the legal industry, AI is being used to analyse contracts.

A report by the World Economic Forum recommends prioritising the development of skills that are less likely to be automated, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. To prepare for the impact of AI on your career, it's crucial to take action now.


Consider these next steps:

Start by investing in yourself and developing your problem solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence skills.

  1. Identify the skills that are less likely to be automated: problem-solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, and complex reasoning.
  2. Develop your skills: take online courses, workshops, and read books.
  3. Be open to learning new skills: As AI continues to evolve, new skills will become more valuable. Be prepared to adapt.

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Final Thoughts:

As times continue to change and new technologies emerge, don't be afraid to take risks, be open to learning, and embrace change. The possibilities are endless for those who are willing to take the leap!

I hope this newsletter has provided value towards your growth journey. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.

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Warmly, Anna C Mallon 🌸



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